Wednesday 18 May


According to statistics, at least 70% of households in Lacnog don’t have a toilet. As a result, people are urinating on different areas and put their waste in a plastic bag for disposal.

In addition, people and pigs live together and there is a good chance that pigs carry the waste everywhere. This has known to have affected the health of the people in the area - most especially children.


Pigs and children The current toilet

Our Goal

  • To build a communal toilet where the people can use safely which will help stop the contamination of the water that they are drinking.
  Plans for the proposed toilet
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June 2017: Work Begins

Buying the materials

Left, above and below:

Digging the sewage for the communal toilet project

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September 2017: Further Work

Making the door frame The toilet foundation is UP
Plastering the walls
Finishing touches
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Deep Well Project

Finally, Lacnog Dananao has a source of clean water. Thank you for all you gift which made it possible
The young adults and members of the Lacnog Dananao Baptist church who gave their time and cut their labour fee in half for the project to be possible
Summer 2018
Most of the men in the church helped with the drilling and putting the water system together
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We decided to purchase a 1000 Litre stainless steel tank to keep the water clean
and reduce any wastage 
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It was a community effort in building and putting the frame for the tank together
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And by God’s grace, the Water supply is now up and running and people have now access to clean water. 
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